What are the benefits of private number plates for business?

Written by RegCompare| Feb. 25, 2020| Advice

What are the benefits of private number plates for business?

Private number plates are growing in popularity, with the DVLA recently recording record sales. Private number plates are typically associated with the personalisation of personal vehicles, however, they are increasingly being used on business vehicles too, with some business owners using them in very creative ways.

So what are the benefits of private number plates for business and why should you consider them for your fleet?

  • Private number plates for business can contribute to a consistent corporate identity
  • They look great in marketing materials, PR, social media and websites
  • They can make your business branding stand out from the competition and make your company / brand more memorable
  • Easier to remember (for fleet management purposes!)

Some examples of companies that have made use of private number plates as part of their corporate identity are:

Plimlico with their numerous plumbing themed number plates e.g. drain etc. Plimlico say the aesthetics of their vans have always been a key consideration and their “full livery and personalised number plates make Pimlico vans one of the most recognisable modes of transport in London”. Some examples of their plumbing related number plates are: "BOG 1", "F1 USH", and "701 LET" - very creative and certainly memorable!

Capital Cars, an Edinburgh based private hire vehicle firm, which recently acquired the private number plates "TAX 1" and "TAX 15". The acquisition attracted a lot of media attention with the firm saying “people are definitely talking about it and it’s great for business” - an excellent way of raising the firm's profile.

Some more low key (and perhaps lower cost) examples could be using your company’s initials so that all number plates include those initials e.g. “ABC Plumbing” using number plates all ending in “ABC”, or a locksmith using number plates all ending in “KEY”.

If you are considering a private number number plate for your business remember to use RegCompare to find the cheapest number plate seller before you buy!