The Definitive Guide To Using a UK Reg Checker

Written by RegCompare| July 4, 2023| Advice

The Definitive Guide To Using a UK Reg Checker

Verifying the records of your car has never been easier with the UK reg checker. With just a few minutes of research and simple steps, you can make sure your car is safe and secure. Learn more about how to use a UK reg checker here to get your car back on the road!

What is a Vehicle Registration Checker?

A Vehicle Registration Checker (UK Reg Checker) is an online tool that offers instant access to any publicly or privately available vehicle information. It can help verify the records associated with a car, van, bike or motorbike, helping you make an informed decision when buying or selling a second-hand vehicle. The checker typically looks up the MOT details, previous owners and any outstanding debts securely linked with the vehicle.

How Do I Use a UK Reg Checker?

Using a UK reg checker is straightforward and simple. All you need to do is enter the vehicle’s registration number into the provided text box, press submit or search, and the checker will instantly process the information. It will then provide an overview of all records with regards to the car that you've searched for. This includes details like its MOT status and road tax payments, as well as any outstanding finance on the vehicle.

What Data Does a UK Reg Checker Return?

The amount of data you receive back from a UK reg checker will depend on the type of search that you have conducted. Generally, these types of checks will return information such as the make and model of the car, its MOT status, road tax payments and any advisory notes, plus details around its current or previous owners. Additionally, a comprehensive reg check will provide information about whether there are any recorded incidents or accidents associated with the vehicle; whether there is an outstanding finance agreement on the vehicle; and even whether the car has been used as a taxi!

Check out the sample report at for more information on all the information that can be obtained about a vehicle.