A Step-By-Step Guide and Calculator to Convert HP to KW

A Step-By-Step Guide and Calculator to Convert HP to KW

Looking for a quick and easy way to convert horsepower (HP) to kilowatts (KW)? With our simple calculator, you can quickly and accurately make this conversion in no time. Learn all you need to know about Hp to KW conversions here.

HP to KW Calculator


So, an engine that produces 110 horsepower is roughly equivalent to 82.03 kilowatts of power. This conversion formula is widely used in the automotive industry to compare the power output of different engines and to determine the performance capabilities of a vehicle.

How to Calculate HP to KW with our Easy-to-Use Conversion Calculator.

Converting HP to kW is easier with the help of a conversion calculator. To use this tool, simply enter the value in HP that you would like to convert and click on the “Convert” button. The calculator will then instantly show you the equivalent value in kilowatts. It’s an incredibly convenient way to accurately convert HP to KW instantly.

Understand the Differences Between HP and KW.

Horsepower (HP) and Kilowatts (KW) are the two most common measurements for engine power, but what is the difference between them? HP is a measure of mechanical power, while KW is a measure of electrical power. In other words, HP measures the energy produced by an engine whereas KW measures the energy expended by an electric motor.

Reasons to Convert HP to KW.

If you looking at buying a new electric car, you may want to know what the HP rating of your existing engined vehicle translates to in terms of kilowatts (KW). If so, you'll need to convert HP to KW, and this tell you the power rating (KW) your new electric vehicle requires in order for it to be comparable to your current combustion engined vehicle.

Learn the Formula for Converting HP to KW.

When you need to convert HP to KW, the formula is straightforward. You just need to divide the horsepower by 1.34102209. This will give you the exact number of kilowatts (KW) for a given horsepower rating. Knowing this formula can come in especially handy when you don’t have access to our convenient calculator!

Popular HP to KW Conversions.

100 hp to kw 74.57 kw
105 hp to kw 78.3 kw
110 hp to kw 82.03 kw
115 hp to kw 85.76 kw
120 hp to kw 89.48 kw
125 hp to kw 93.21 kw
130 hp to kw 96.94 kw
135 hp to kw 100.67 kw
140 hp to kw 104.4 kw
145 hp to kw 108.13 kw
150 hp to kw 111.85 kw
155 hp to kw 115.58 kw
160 hp to kw 119.31 kw
165 hp to kw 123.04 kw
170 hp to kw 126.77 kw
175 hp to kw 130.5 kw
180 hp to kw 134.23 kw
185 hp to kw 137.95 kw
190 hp to kw 141.68 kw
195 hp to kw 145.41 kw
200 hp to kw 149.14 kw