Instantly Convert KW to HP with our Free and Easy-to-Use Calculator

How to Convert KW to HP with an Easy-to-Use Calculator

Looking for a quick and easy way to convert kilowatts (KW) to horsepower (HP)? With our simple calculator, you can quickly and accurately make this conversion in no time. Learn all you need to know about KW to HP conversions here.

KW to HP Calculator


So, an engine that produces 65 kilowatts of power is roughly equivalent to 87.17 horsepower. This conversion formula is widely used in the automotive industry to compare the power output of different engines and to determine the performance capabilities of a vehicle.

How to Calculate KW to HP with our Easy-to-Use Conversion Calculator.

Our easy-to-use KW to HP conversion calculator makes it fast and simple to make this calculation! Just enter the number of kilowatts that you’d like to convert, and our calculator will quickly generate the number of horsepower it is equal to. It’s an incredibly convenient way to accurately convert KW to HP in no time.

Understand the Differences Between KW and HP.

If you’re trying to convert KW to HP, it’s important to understand the differences between these two hundreds of measurements and how they’re related. Kilowatts (KW) measure power, whereas horsepower (HP) measures a rate at which work is performed over time. Furthermore, kilowatts (KW) is a measure used with electric vehicles, whereas horsepower (HP) is used with combustion engine vehicles.

Reasons to Convert KW to HP.

If you looking at buying a new electric car, you may want to know what the KW rating of it translates to in terms of horsepower (HP). If so, you'll need to convert KW to HP. This tell you how the power of your prospective electric car compares to that of your current combustion engined vehicle, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether the power it comparable.

Learn the Formula for Converting KW to HP.

When you need to convert KW to HP, the formula is straightforward. You just need to multiply the number of kilowatts by 1.34102209. This will give you the exact number of horsepower. Knowing this formula can come in especially handy when you don’t have access to our convenient calculator!

Popular KW to HP Conversions.

35 kw to hp 46.94 hp
40 kw to hp 53.64 hp
45 kw to hp 60.35 hp
50 kw to hp 67.05 hp
55 kw to hp 73.76 hp
60 kw to hp 80.46 hp
65 kw to hp 87.17 hp
70 kw to hp 93.87 hp
75 kw to hp 100.58 hp
80 kw to hp 107.28 hp
85 kw to hp 113.99 hp
90 kw to hp 120.69 hp
95 kw to hp 127.4 hp
100 kw to hp 134.1 hp
105 kw to hp 140.81 hp
110 kw to hp 147.51 hp
115 kw to hp 154.22 hp
120 kw to hp 160.92 hp